a woman learns about saturday dental appointments from her dentist

Is the Dentist Open for Saturday Dental Appointments?

Regular dentist appointments are an important part of taking care of your teeth. However, finding an appointment time that fits in with your schedule can be challenging. For this reason, many dentists offer Saturday dental appointments, appointments on Sunday, and extended business hours during the week. Contact Lovett Dental Webster at 832-932-5584 today to learn…

a dentist goes about treating a chipped tooth

Techniques Your Dentist May Use When Treating a Chipped Tooth

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in your body. It’s made of carbonate substituted hydroxyapatite crystallites. Your teeth are strong enough to withstand the 200 pounds of pressure you exert when biting down. Still, your teeth are not indestructible. They can crack and chip. The process your oral health specialist will use when treating a…