woman smiling after receiving a fluoride treatment

How Often Should You Get Fluoride Treatments?

Far too many people dread the words “fluoride treatments” coming from their dental hygienist. However, this treatment is relatively harmless. We can help make the prospect of receiving fluoride treatments easier. It’s essential to think about why dentists recommend professional fluoride treatments, what healthy fluoride levels will do for your oral health, and how simple…

child gets dental care which is an advantage of a primary pediatric dentist

The Benefits of Having a Primary Pediatric Dentist

Decisions regarding your child’s oral health can profoundly impact your child, which is why each child must have a primary pediatric dentist. These medical professionals do more than simple dental cleanings. To learn more about the benefits of a pediatric dentist, contact Lovett Dental Webster today at 832-932-5584. What Do I Need to Know When…