Replacing missing or damaged teeth restores your bite and improves the appearance of your smile. Restorative dentistry services can prevent more severe damage and keep surrounding teeth in alignment for improved dental health. At Lovett Dental Webster, we offer dental restoration services as part of our family dentistry practice and specialty services. To learn more about our Texas dentist’s office, reach out to Lovett Dental Webster today at 832-932-5584.

Understanding Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to managing oral health issues that affect the function of your mouth. General dentists perform many restorative dentistry services. Your particular case may sometimes require specialists to perform orthodontic services in Texas. If you have any questions on which procedures need certification, we are happy to provide all of our dedicated, experienced dentists’ credentials.

Restoring Missing Teeth

Restorative dentistry is sometimes called prosthodontic dentistry. This area of dentistry aims to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. For example, filling in gaps between teeth can help prevent cavities by correcting vulnerable areas where plaque and tartar build-up. When you lose a tooth, it puts a strain on the remaining teeth and can cause misalignment. We recommend replacing the tooth with a crown, implant, or partial or full dentures to maintain your bite.

Restorative Dentistry Services

You can schedule a free consultation to discuss the best options for your specific problems. We consider both affordability and the functionality of your teeth. We do everything that we can to preserve the natural tooth before performing an extraction. However, many clients come to us with missing teeth, looking for options that can prevent additional tooth loss. In these cases, several options allow you to look your best and preserve your oral health simultaneously.

Standard dental restoration procedures include the following:

Restorative Dentistry Strategy

Ideally, restorative dentistry services preserve all or part of your missing or damaged tooth. This includes dental crowns that encase damaged teeth. Crowns can maintain your original tooth’s look and feel without removing the root and remaining healthy structure.

Your smile says it all. Let us give you a healthy grin that serves you for many years to come. Many people feel more confident when they have restored broken, chipped, or stained teeth. Preserving your oral health also affects your general health and well-being.

Celebrities and newscasters pay attention to their smiles because it’s a part of their image. Why shouldn’t you give your teeth the same priority? A healthy smile can help you maintain nutrition as you age and may even add years to your life by improving your overall health.

Aesthetic Advantages of Restorative Dentistry

While health and wellness should drive your oral health decisions, a healthy smile can also give you the confidence to meet new people. When you have stains, discoloration, or missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious and avoid talking to others. Restorative dentistry services in Texas can prevent this from happening to you and your family.

Work with a team of experienced dentists and specialist that can give you the beautiful smile you deserve. We approach each customer with their specific needs in mind. Let us match crowns, bridges, and partial dentures to your natural teeth. At Lovett Dental Webster, we provide natural-looking solutions.

Seek Dental Restoration in Texas Today

Are you looking for restorative dentistry solutions to bring back your smile to full wattage? From crowns to bridges to dental implants, we offer a wide variety of options to improve your appearance and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. At Lovett Dental Webster, our restorative dentistry services take your goals into account. Contact us at 832-932-5584 for dental restoration services in Texas.